Our Prices

 Best Friends Furr Ever Rates Include:

  • Walking, jumping, playing and lots of sloppy kisses
  • Watching TV together
  • Fresh water and food (treats- if requested)
  • We will clean the cat's litter box
  • We are also happy to pickup your mail and water your plants free of charge
  • At the end of each visit we will text you or email you (photo included) with a progress report

Dogs & Cats:

Single Dog Walk - $22.00 per visit (Generally Mid-Day or Evening Walks) (1/2 hour)

Pet Sitting -  (Single Dog)  $27.00 per visit  (while you are on Vacation or a long Weekend) (1 Hour)

Cat Sitting - (up to 2 Cats)  - $25.00 per visit  (while you are on Vacation or a long Weekend) (Minimum 1/2 Hour)

Additional Dog (same household) - $5.00 extra per dog per visit

Additional Cat  (same household) - $5.00 extra (up to 2 additional cats per visit)

Crated Dogs - an additional charge of $5.00 per visit - (crated dogs need more exercise than those not in crates. Therefore, we spend an hour with them on all Pet Sits). 

Special Rates for House Training Puppies (up to 10 months old). Generally mid-day walks.The Rate of $30 per visit includes the following:

  • An hour with the dog
  • Walk the dog upon arrival
  • Feed and play
  • Walk the dog before we leave

Vacation Pet Sits for Dogs are a minimum of 3 x's daily & Cat Sits a minimum of once a day.

Administering Medicine- a Fee of $5.00 per visit will be charged

Excessive Clean Up for Sick Animals or Excessive Dirty Litter Boxes-  Starting at $10.00 extra per occurence

Cancellation Policy- Cancellations will be accepted 48 hours in advance, otherwise a fee equivalent to the cost of one visit will be assessed.